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Phoenix Public Works Department Waste Management

Phoenix Aims to Become a Zero Waste Community

The City of Phoenix is on target to divert 40% of waste by 2020, check out how they're taking aim at becoming a zero waste community.
Maricopa County

Find out How Maricopa County is Helping to Reduce Food Waste

Maricopa County is making sure food waste is kept to a minimum. Through their efforts, they created the Maricopa County Food System Coalition. Their goal is to help develop a healthy and thriving food system in Maricopa County.  To learn more, visit their website.
city of phoenix

City of Phoenix and the Plan for 100 Years of Safe Drinking Water

The City of Phoenix has a 2050 goal to provide a clean and reliable 100-year supply of water to its residents. See how they plan to accomplish this huge task.  For more information, visit the City of Phoenix website.