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George Brandt

A Q&A with Acclaimed Playwright George Brant

Like nuns and priests, most workers in the secular sacred terrain of theatrical endeavor soon grow accustomed to going unappreciated. Playwright George Brant, now 45, had written and staged more than two dozen works before gaining national attention. Grounded, which the Sandra Feinstein-Gamm Theatre presented last season, shot to celebrity with the speed and inevitable,...
Kevin Brocolli

For Epic Theatre Company’s Kevin Broccoli, The Monologue’s The Thing

It may not occur to us when we see a touring Broadway production with spectacular special effects or, seemingly, a cast of thousands, but a theatrical career can be as simple, and successful, as a single actor facing an audience and keeping them in thrall. I can't think of a better example of that accomplishment...

Hera Gallery: Rhode Island’s Model Artistic Collaborative

It's hardly front-page news that the talents of female artists have historically been neglected. Frida Kahlo in the shadow of husband Diego Rivera. Georgia O'Keeffe under the wing of Alfred Stieglitz. So no surprise that on May 30, 1974, it was necessary for the Hera Women's Cooperative Gallery and Art Center to open its...