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University of Arizona Cancer Center

Learn How University of Arizona Cancer Center is Helping in the Fight

The University of Arizona Cancer Center is doing research to prevent cancer by putting together teams of scientists from different disciplines. These scientists are trying to prevent the number of new cancer cases because the easiest way to beat caner is to never have it. Cynthia Thompson, PhD., RD is part of Cancer Prevention and...

What is CyberKnife and How is it Helping Fight Cancer?

Joseph Liguori has been a cancer survivor since May 2005. Although he never smoked a day in his life and was physically active, he was diagnosed with lung cancer. According to Joseph he never felt sick. His friend, a doctor, noticed his persistent cough and suggested he get it checked out. Following the scans...
Cancer Survivor Stephen Dwyer

18 Year Old Athlete and Cancer Survivor Stephen Dwyer Wins the Race

Stephen’s story is the story of a high school competitive athlete and how his focus and dedication, as an athlete, served him well in his battle with cancer. The team at Phoenix Children’s Hospital joined his fight and together they raced for the finish line, and won. Cancer survivor Stephen Dwyer is now 18...
AutoNation Drive Pink Campaign

AutoNation’s Drive Pink Campaign on the Front Lines in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

The ongoing quest to find more and better ways to battle cancer requires research and research requires funding. AutoNation Drive Pink Campaign is raising funds to continue the fight against breast cancer. Individual donations add up, but large companies are taking a role in fundraising. For more information, visit http://www.autonationdrivepink.com/
AutoNation Fighting Cancer Special

AutoNation Doing More for Arizona Special: Fighting Cancer

There was a time when getting a cancer diagnosis was a death sentence. Today, via technological and medical advances, patients are fighting cancer and winning. This special presents the stories of three of those fighters. Cancer is a devastating disease and has taken far too many lives. But thanks to the efforts of the men...