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Rosie the Corpse Flower

Close Encounters of Rosie the Corpse Flower

Last spring, the Tucson Botanical Gardens set the stage for a rare and unexpected visit from a bizarre and beautiful creature that made headlines and heads turn. When a crowd of thousands is captivated by an unbearable aroma of rotting flesh, surrounded by tranquil sounds of nature in a horticultural paradise enchanted by the beauty...

Watch Rosie the Corpse Flower Bloom in Just Three Minutes

You watched the live stream. You watched the videos. Maybe you made the trip to the Tucson Botanical Gardens and caught a whiff of Rosie the Corpse Flower in person. Now you can watch the stinky miracle of nature in a fraction of the time. People from across the world waited…and waited for the corpse...

Meet Rosie: Tucson’s World Famous Corpse Flower

Rosiemania has swept the country as thousands of people have flocked to the Tucson Botanical Gardens to catch a glimpse (and a whiff) of the rare corpse flower. Thousands more have watched the live stream and still more have been inspired by the stinky and beautiful plant. Watch as Tucson Botanical Gardens Butterfly Exhibit Manager...

Tucson Corpse Flower: Watch Rosie Bloom in Real-Time

(Wednesday, 4/25 - 4:00pm MST Update):  Want to watch something really cool?  Check out this 3 minute time lapse of Rosie the Corpse flower blooming.  Link to video HERE. In case you missed it earlier, watch as Tucson Botanical Gardens Butterfly Exhibit Manager Michael Madsen and Executive Director Michelle Conklin explain what is so unique about the...
Rosie the Corpse Flower

Remembering Rosie’s Bloom at the Tucson Botanical Gardens

Recently at the Tucson Botanical Gardens there was a rare occurrence that attracted the attention of people from all over the country. We'll show you the rare bloom of Rosie the corpse flower. More on Rosie the Corpse Flower.

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