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Building the OdySea Aquarium in the Arizona Desert

How do you build an aquarium in the middle of the desert where temperatures can soar as high as 110 degrees?  Find out as we take you behind the scenes of the construction of  the incredible OdySea Aquarium. See how one man’s dream turned into an engineering marvel in this one-of-a-kind special presentation.

Extremely detailed 3D computer models were used like never before in the planning and engineering of OdySea.  This gave the architects the ability to manipulate fine details of the project long before ground was even broken.  Because of the unique nature of the project, the exhibits were built from the inside out with many of the habitat living on site long before the aquarium was open to the public.

This design really did incorporate ‘Disney’ technology with many of its unique features such as the rotating carousel and underwater Sea Trek.

OdySea was built on a 35 acre parcel that incorporates the natural habitat around it. More than 30,000 animals and marine life call OdySea home.

There’s no other underwater experience quite like it in the world. Come along as we dive into the magical world of building of the OdySea Aquarium.