Movers and Shakers: Meet the Film Festival Directors

On this episode of “Movers & Shakers Unlimited” we highlight film festival directors: Fernando A. Mico, C.W. Prather, and Jody Kielbasa.  Find out how they got started in the film business, their influences and how they are making their respective film festivals a huge success.

Fernando Mico is a true renaissance man.  He’s worked on comics, film and he’s also into martial arts.  He is the founder and Director of the NOVA International Film and Music Festival.

C.W. Prather went directly from college to the American Film Institute.  He’s directed a steady stream of films and documentaries.  Prather is also the founder and Festival Director for the Spooky Movie International Horror Film Festival.  This festival is one of the biggest film events in the Metro DC area.

Jody Kielbasa is a guy who has the “midas touch” when it comes to film festivals.  Kielbasa started the Sarasota Film Festival, which has become one of the biggest film festivals in the Southeast.  He brings the same energy and leadership as Director of the Virginia Film Festival.

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