Movers & Shakers Unlimited: Episode 5 – Screenwriters

Almost all of your favorite movie quotes didn’t come from the actors saying the lines, but most likely by a screenwriter.  On this episode of “Movers & Shakers Unlimited” we highlight screenwriters: Anne Marie DiNardo, Jimmy George, and Jamie Nash.

Anne Marie DiNardo is an emerging screenwriter who has developed a stellar resume with submissions in screenwriting competitions, and she was a finalist in a pitchfest for A&E Network.  DiNardo got started in television and worked for CSPAN for nearly 8 years.  She talks about how she got started in screenwriting, her inspirations and how she gets ideas for her scripts.

Jimmy George is an award winning screenwriter whose screenplays have been featured in film festivals such as ShockerFest, Scare-A-Con Film Festival and Spooky Movie International Horror Film Festival.  George always wanted to tell stories, and he often wrote short stories when he was little.  He knew he wanted to get involved in screenwriting after telling an “intentionally gross” story in front of his 5th grade class.

Jamie Nash has written screenplays for films such as Altered, Exists and V/H/S/2.  Nash originally wanted to be a director, but he soon figured out that screenwriting was a better way to get his stories and ideas out to the public.  Nash explains what it takes to have a long career as a screenwriter.

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