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The Gregg Marshall Show for February 19th, 2018.  Wichita State Head Men's Basketball Coach, Gregg Marshall talks Shocker Hoops.
Wichita State Head Men's Basketball Coach, Gregg Marshall talks Shocker Hoops after their 95-74 win over Connecticut.
If you’re a fan of Kansas sports, YurView has you covered. YurView Kansas will televise over 40 live sporting events featuring men and women’s basketball and Women’s volleyball through the end of February.  You can catch most of the...
Over the last several years, conference realignment has been a reality in NCAA athletics, oftentimes resulting in awkward or unnecessary partnerships between schools and their new leagues. Then there is the case of the American Athletic Conference granting membership...

Centennial Coyotes Are Dominating With Defense

Trust, communication and effective leadership. Those are three elements that help make up a successful team. The Centennial (AZ) Coyotes have effective leadership. Head Coach...

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