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What we don’t know or typically think about is the fact that there is a “highway” of underground utilities in your yard. 
A new trend termed “the Covid learning loss” shows how many children have lost some of the information skills that they have needed to build on (similar to what happens during the long summer break) in order to be successful in the upcoming standardized tests.
An important facet of our population which often gets overlooked when it comes to mental health issues, is children and teens. Joseph Farrell, owner of Peninsula Child and Family Services in Hampton, Virginia joins us to talk about the pressing...
Becoming a mother is one of the most monumental moments in a woman’s life. Living 757 host and new mom Ashley Fish Snyder came on to discuss being a new mom during Covid with Rachel Ann. Key Takeaways from this One-On-One:  •...
The ionic foot cleanse is a holistic therapy known as aqua chi foot bath in Traditional Chinese Medicine and it works to balance the energy flow, replenish our cells and promote alkaline health.
Writing music, performing it, recording it, & releasing it, is the way I process my life experiences. It is extremely cathartic for me to set my music free. It's most natural for me to sing what I feel rather than saying what I feel, and it is exceptionally beautiful when a listener can relate or draw their own personal interpretation from the music I have shared.
  Domestic violence has become even more prevalent with the effects of Covid19 such as working from home, lockdowns and quarantines. One in every three women, and one in every nine men has experienced domestic violence in their lifetime. Key Takeaways from Rachel Ann:  • What are...
Let's face it....we're all sick of staying home because of the ongoing pandemic. Even the most hermit-like of us is likely chomping at the bit to get out and enjoy some fun days or nights out at area establishments....
Dr. Cara Goodwin is a powerhouse of knowledge when it comes to children and mental health. Anxiety and depression are on the rise in kids, especially during the uncertain times of Covid19. Key Takeaways from Dr. Goodwin: • What signs should parents look for...
March is Women’s History Month!   We all know how the most famous women like the amazing Susan B Anthony, or Amelia Earhart affected history, but what we rarely hear about are the other thousands of women who have impacted us in so many ways.
find a used car, autotrader

5 Ways to Find a Good New or Used Car

As people get back to work and back on the road, demand for new and used cars is very high. Add to that a shortage of cars based on automaker production slowdowns and supply chain issues, and getting your exact car can be tough. Here are a few tips to help find the right car for you.
driven racing rust and restoration

Driven Chases Down the World’s Most Famous Storm Chaser

Driven tracks down the "Twister" truck that's still located in Tornado Alley. Plus, you'll meet a true family affair in short-track racing, and the amazing restoration of an 1968 Buick Skylark.
Audrain Newport Concours & Motor Week

Driven’s All Access Pass to Audrain Newport Concours & Motor Week

Automotive history and sport return to their American home, Newport, Rhode Island. The Audrain Newport Concours & Motor Week returns and Driven has an all-access pass.
driven route 66

Getting Our Kicks on Route 66: A Driven Special (Part 2)

Our road trip along the historic Mother Road continues in Part 2 of this Route 66 special. From Tulsa to Glen Rio, Texas, this Great American Drive takes host Tom Gregory through the legendary land of giants and ghosts. Get lost in the adventure.
route 66 driven

Getting Our Kicks on Route 66: A Driven Special (Part 1)

In part one of a two-part Driven special, we get to the heart of the matter as we get our kicks on Route 66 through the Heartland.
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15 Must See Virginia Beach Attractions and Places to Visit

Virginia Beach has it all - a rich history, beautiful beaches, a variety of arts and entertainment, a robust foodie scene, and LOTS of unique attractions for the entire family.