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The Verde River is one of Arizona's best kept secrets. One company is spreading the news with customizable kayaking, tubing and wine tasting trips.
Chef Nick Rabar shows you his "way" of making this classic Grilled Scape Vinaigrette Potato Salad side dish that will be a hit at all your pot lucks. We'll also visit Liz Paulo at Wines and More in Cranston Rhode Island for another perfect wine pairing.
With more than 10,000 moving parts, the organ was a technological marvel when it was built more than 100 years ago. It remains the king of instruments today because of the impeccable care it receives from its curator.
Have you ever seen a musical performed at a car dealership? Sharing the Love was created by Subaru of El Cajon to help the community.
Before heading out on the water for a super fun San Diego deep sea fishing trip, plan ahead with these helpful tips from Pete Gray, President of LetsTalkHookUp.com.
Looking for some unique gifts this holiday season? Give friends and family the gift of Nevada with one of a kind native treasures from the Silver State. Whether it's stocking stuffers filled with handmade chocolates, treating a friend to a culinary tour, or just sipping some spirits, Discover Your Nevada has some great local gift ideas for your shopping list.

2021 GameTime High School Football Schedule on YurView

GameTime is back for another season of the best high school football matchups from around the country. This season, we'll showcase over 65 top games from Arizona, Oklahoma, Omaha, Kansas, Louisiana, and Rhode Island.

A Look at Perfectionism

Many people know first hand, the stressful toll that perfectionism can take on our lives. On this episode of Calm, Cool and Connected, Dr. Fedrick is joined by Cynthia Alvarez, LCSW, to address the issue of perfectionism head on.

Using Fitness to Stay Mentally Healthy

Exercise is useful in so many ways: to stay healthy and fit, to feel confident and to reduce the risk of health issues later in life- to name a few. On this episode of Calm, Cool and Connected, Liz is joined by Mike the Fitness Junkie. Mike has used fitness to stay fit and healthy, but also to overcome mental health struggles.
virginia beach attractions

15 Must See Virginia Beach Attractions and Places to Visit

Virginia Beach has it all - a rich history, beautiful beaches, a variety of arts and entertainment, a robust foodie scene, and LOTS of unique attractions for the entire family.
unique things to do in San Diego

20 Fun & Unique Things to Do in San Diego Today

Known for its year-round perfect weather, delicious food, and friendly locals, San Diego has something to suit your fancy, no matter your age or what your interests may be. Plenty of intriguing spots await you, including the city's astonishing hidden gems.
Things to Do in Las Vegas with Kids

35 Places to Go and Things to Do in Las Vegas with Kids

While Las Vegas may be the perfect adult paradise, don't hire a babysitter just yet. There are tons of family-friendly activities, and we've got 35 fun things to do in Las Vegas with kids on your next visit.
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