Wichita State men's college basketball

If you’re a fan of Kansas sports, YurView has you covered. YurView Kansas will televise over 40 live sporting events featuring men and women’s basketball and Women’s volleyball through the end of February.  You can catch most of the games on Cox Ch. 2022 and additional coverage on Ch. 2122 (check local listings).  

“We are excited to highlight these incredible athletes and bring college sports into homes all over the state,” said Coleen Jennison, Kansas Market Vice President. Providing local, exclusive content is part of our commitment to the communities we serve. YurView Kansas coverage includes 10 televised men’s basketball games – Wichita State Shockers (5 games) and Kansas Jayhawks (5 games).

In addition, there will be 23 televised women’s basketball games – Wichita State (3 games), Kansas (15 games) and Kansas State (5 games).  Three women’s volleyball games include Kansas (2 games) and Kansas State (1 game).

Wichita State Shocker fans can watch extended men’s basketball coverage on the Gregg Marshall Show. Marshall leads the shockers into their inaugural American Athletic Conference season ranked #7 nationally in the AP pre-season poll. The Gregg Marshall show keeps you up to date with the latest Shocker news, game and player information.  The tape delayed show airs from 7-8 p.m. every Monday evening throughout the season on YurView Kansas channel 2022 and online at YurView.com/Kansas-Live1.

Here is the complete YurView Kansas sports schedule.  All games televised on YurView Kansas Ch. 2022 unless noted below:

kansas jayhawks

Kansas Men’s Basketball

11/7/17      Fort Hays State vs. Kansas 7:00pm
11/17/17    South Dakota State vs. Kansas 7:00pm
11/21/17    Texas Southern vs. Kansas 7pm
11/24/17    Oakland vs. Kansas 7:00pm
11/28/17    Toledo vs. Kansas 7:00pm

Kansas Women’s Basketball

11/13/17   Omaha vs. Kansas State 7:00pm
11/15/17   Texas Southern vs. Kansas 7:00pm
11/19/17   Yale vs. Kansas 1:00pm
11/22/17   Delaware State vs. Kansas 7:00pm
11/26/17   Rice vs. Kansas 1:00pm
11/29/17   UMKC vs. Kansas 7:00pm
12/3/17     Arkansas vs. Kansas 2:00pm
12/10/17   SEMO vs. Kansas 7:00pm
12/31/17   TCU vs. Kansas 2:00pm
1/6/18      Baylor vs. Kansas 2:00pm
1/10/18    West Virginia vs. Kansas 7:00pm
1/17/18    Texas Tech vs. Kansas 7:00pm
1/31/18    Texas vs. Kansas 7:00pm
2/10/18    Oklahoma vs. Kansas 7:00pm
2/21/18    Oklahoma State vs. Kansas 7:00pm
2/27/18    Iowa State vs. Kansas 7:00pm

Kansas Women’s Volleyball

11/8/17    Kansas State vs. Kansas 6:30pm
11/25/17  West Virginia vs. Kansas 1:00pm

wichita state shockers

Wichita State Men’s Basketball

11/4/17      Henderson State vs. WSU 5:00pm
11/10/17    UMKC vs. WSU 7pm
11/28/17    Savannah State vs. WSU 7:00pm (Ch. 2122)
12/5/17      South Dakota State vs. WSU 7:00pm
12/19/17    Arkansas State vs. WSU 7:00pm

Wichita State Women’s Basketball

2/7/18      Cincinnati vs. WSU 7:00pm
2/14/18    Temple vs. WSU 7:00pm
2/24/18    Tulane vs. WSU 2:00pm


Kansas State Wildcats

Kansas State Women’s Basketball

11/6/17     Ft Hays State vs. Kansas State 7:00pm
11/13/17   Omaha vs. Kansas State 7:00pm
12/28/17   Baylor vs. Kansas State 7:00pm
1/24/18     TCU vs. Kansas State 7:00pm
2/7/18      Texas Tech vs. Kansas State 7:00pm (Ch. 2122)

Kansas State Women’s Volleyball

11/22/17   West Virginia vs. Kansas State 7:00pm (Ch. 2122)