Wayne Jones is a Coach’s Dream

Wayne Jones is an outstanding Safety and Linebacker for the Owasso Rams. His talents have put him in position to make a commitment to go to Kansas State on a football scholarship. And perhaps most importantly of all, he’s made an indelible impression on the people closest to him.

A Coach’s Dream

Owasso Head Coach Bill Blankenship has been thoroughly impressed by Wayne in his first year as Owasso Head Coach. “Wayne is the coach’s dream. Coach Patterson, when I asked him about Wayne Jones he said ‘Well, not just a good player.’ He said, ‘First of all he’s the best human I’ve ever coached.’ Well that’s great praise coming from this former coach. And I will tell you that in my six months or so here, I would have to validate that comment.”

“I think Wayne is an incredible person. Outstanding work ethic. Great character. Then to put on top of that, he’s really a good football player.”

You can watch Wayne Jones in action as Owasso takes on Union September 29th at 7:00 CT in the Ford Game of the Week YurView and YurView.com.