Norman North Defeats Edmond Santa Fe

In a non- conference match up Norman North defended their home field against Edmond Santa Fe, Friday night. Norman North continued their trend of maintaining unrelenting high levels momentum throughout the entirety of the game, as Edmond Santa Fe struggled to keep up on defensively. North shook hands on the field at the end of the game in victory with a final score of 45 – 13.

Norman North now 2-1 was the first to make it into the end zone fresh into the start of the first quarter. That first touchdown seemed to be a preview of what was to come for Edmond Santa Fe. However, Santa Fe on their next possession answered with a 69 – yard run from Mbari Snoddy into their end zone.

By the end of the first quarter the match still remained within a point with Santa Fe at 7 and North leading with 8. North began molding the game to their advantage with solid and consistent plays being made by Drake and Isaac Stoops.

North then picked up the pace even more so when they gained the lead over Santa Fe in the second quarter making the score 15-10. Edmond Santa Fe was unable to make another touchdown for the rest of the night.

Santa Fe wasn’t able to win back their early found enthusiasm as they slid further behind the discouragingly aggressive offensive performance by North. After scoring yet again the teams made to the locker rooms at halftime with the game set at an unpromising 25 -10 for Edmond Santa Fe.

Upon returning to the field both teams managed to keep the roles they cast for themselves in the first act. With Norman North keeping the lead they had grown comfortable with the team smoothly transitioned into the fourth quarter unscathed, and a touchdown further ahead. Going into the final quarter North had yet again posted more points to their side of the board while Santa Fe lagged behind, unable to do so the same for themselves.

North finished the game meeting the end zone twice in the fourth quarter before the final play.

“We have to continue to play like we’re 0-0,” said Drake Stoops at the end of this blowout victory over Santa Fe.

When asked what was the best part about getting to play the game of football for one last high school season Stoops smiled and acknowledged the work of his brother Isaac, who is now on the offensive side of the ball.

“Getting to play with my brother is pretty special. _ Seeing him make plays for us – is pretty special.”

Want to see more?  We’ve got photos from this game available here.

If you missed the game, or just want to relive all the action, the full game replay is available HERE.