Get to Know Oklahoma O-Line Commit Brey Walker

Westmoore’s Brey Walker is one of the top high school offensive lineman recruits in the country, but he’s been committed to the University of Oklahoma since his sophomore year.  Walker explains why he decided to commit to a college team so early in high school.

Walker says, “Sophomore year I committed to OU (University of Oklahoma)”. “Before that it was kind of chaotic. I wanted to slow it down a little bit so I had to make a decision”.

In making his decision about college, Walker received great advice from his father, “One of my dad’s sayings when we were little, he said ‘Books or Boots’ and it kind of stuck with me . . . it would be an honor to go to college and get an education because my family on the male side has never graduated, so I could be the first one to do it”

Westmoore teammate RB Braxton George says Walker is commited to helping everyone on the team succeed, “His main focus is winning the state championship with his team, and I’ll never take that for granted.”

Head Coach Lorezo Williams, is pleased with the process Walker has made since joining the Westmoore team, “He’s a big bodied, super-talented kid. Really fits into the family well. He’s done a great job since he’s been here about adjusting to the way we play football here.”

You can watch Brey Walker’s undefeated Westmoore team play Broken Arrow Friday, October 6th at 7pm CT on Yurview.  For game previews, go HERE.