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Welcome to Tech’N Out

The show for auto enthusiasts and those that tinker!

In this episode you will meet our hosts, Jacob and Kailynn, and learn about their experience in the automotive industry. (Spoiler Alert: Kailynn drifts like a girl!) 

First, we take you to The Wrap Dojo! If you’re looking for a way to show off your ride, add some personal flare, or start a new trend, here is how you can make your car stand out without breaking the bank. Find out how a car wrap can make your whip as unique as you are! You have the ability to switch up the look whenever the mood strikes, while still protecting your paint job!

Kailynn then hits the track where she shows off her skills behind the wheel… and man can this chick drive! Instructing a group of novice drifters through a clinic offered by Spirit.jp Drifting Series, watch as these folks shred some tires and learn to tighten their turns while testing their limits under Kailynn’s pro guidance.

Lastly, we introduce you to Ian, an apprentice automotive technician at Hall MileOne Autogroup. When Ian was going through one of the lowest points of his life, he decided to take a blind leap into the automotive industry for a change of pace. Find out how his apprenticeship with Hall not only gained him a new skill, but was exactly the move he needed to make in order to get his life back on track!

While that’s a wrap for our series premier, be sure to join us next month for more stories, clips and action featuring everything the automotive industry has to offer!


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