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Spring Planting Safety -Don’t Forget About Utility Lines

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 Ashely and Quincy got some great safety tips for working in their yards.

Spring if finally here, and if you’re like us, you are ready to hop outside and do some planting. 

But….safety first!  Before you go digging around in your yard, check out what Natalie Soucie from Virginia 811 had to say.

What we don’t know or typically think about is the fact that there is a “highway” of underground utilities in your yard. 


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As you can imagine, a metal shovel digging into an electrical system, can have “hair raising” consequences.

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So…before you start on any of your yard projects where digging is involved, Virginia 811 asks you to dig with C.A.R.E.

Contact Va811.com -Just go to VA811.com  and submit a dig request.

Allow time (3 business days) for them to contact utility members to come out and mark your property. The check to see that they have come out.

Respect the markings that are made in your yard.  Your utility is within 2 feet on each side of the mark, so you don’t want heavy machinery or deep digging there..  Green lines are sewer lines, yellow lines are gas lines and red lines are your electric/power line.   

Excavate carefully so you don’t disturb underground utilities! Once you finish your work then you can ENJOY finishing your spring planting and beautiful garden.

Taking CARE will keep you safe while you’re making your yard look beautiful!  Added bonus -your neighbors won’t get upset because you knocked out the power for the block!

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