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Dollar Bank Empowers the People

Sponsored by Dollar Bank

Dollar Bank expanded into Virginia in 2017, but they have been in business since all the way back in 1855!


Their founder started the organization with the idea that literally anyone could open an account with them, for as little as a dollar! Race, gender, religion, nothing mattered- all were welcome.

It was started in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but has expanded a lot since its’ inception.


As an 11.5 billion dollar company, Dollar Bank is the largest mutual in the country. This means that there is no stock and there are no shareholders. It allows them to really focus on their customers.


Since coming to Virginia in 2017, Dollar Bank has gone from just four branches to 13 branches! They have also added lots of departments within the bank. They have also grown from 30 to 90 employees.


Dollar Bank really loves the communities that they serve, and they are committed to being an inclusive community bank.  They invest in their customers, empower their employees, and really strengthen the community in which they serve.


They also spend a lot of time out in the community, helping where needed. And they don’t just provide monetary support! The people at Dollar Bank pride themselves on rolling up their sleeves and immersing themselves in the work that they do.


One of the last pieces to the puzzle is the financial wellness that Dollar Bank helps people to achieve. This covers everything from how to budget better, how to save better, and even fixing debt problems.

To learn more about Dollar Bank, visit their website at https://dollar.bank/ or visit any one of their thirteen branches in the 757!

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