Destination Virginia Visits Fairfax County!

Sponsored By Visit Fairfax


Karen and Barry take a trip through time with a road trip to Fairfax County in northern Virginia to check out some of the amazing museums, and learn about history.

First stop, Barry visits the Udvar Hazy Center in Fairfax County.  Docent Dennis Smith refers to this amazing museum as the Nation’s Hanger.  It houses aviation artifacts dating all the way back to 1903,  through 2011 with the amazing Discovery space shuttle.  Make sure to reserve at least 1 entire day to visit this incredible museum of aviation technology and history.

Next, Karen learns about the history of women’s suffrage at the Lucy Burns Museum in Lorton, VA.  Laura McKie, the director of the museum, shares her passion for the history of women’s voting rights, highlighting the role of Lucy Burns, and what she endured during the Night of Terror, in her fight for women’s right to vote.

Karen then meets with Pat Wirth to learn about the Turning Point Suffragist Memorial which is will be built to honor over 5,000,000 women who fought for the right to vote.  This fight took over 7 decades and resulted in the ratification of the 19th amendment, and 27,000,000 women gaining the right to vote.

The next stop on this historic trip is the National Museum of the United States Army in Ft Belvoir, VA.  This museum, which encompasses the history of the United States Army, aims to connect visitors to the history of the United States Army.  Through artifacts, stories and experiential learning this museum provides a glimpse into the life of our Army and the brave men and women who dedicate their lives to protect us.

What could be a better finale to this road trip than a visit to George Washington’s Mount Vernon.  Barry and Karen speak with Kathy Parkinson, a historical interpreter, about the history of this incredible estate and the women who saved it.  Whether you are a fan of historic architecture, want to learn about the father of our nation or just want a day out in a beautiful location where you can learn about how our great country began, Mount Vernon is an absolute must!

We hope you enjoy this walk through history!