Far From Folsom: Prescott Restaurant with a Southern Twist

A blend of Arizona roots and Texas culture located in Prescott, Arizona

Far From Folsom is the brainchild of owner Joe Lohmeier. It’s more than just a Prescott restaurant, bar or music venue. It’s an experience that includes three bars, an outdoor stage, and 7,200 square feet of Arizona heritage. In a building that hails from 1870, you’ll find old hardwood from a local school and salvaged lumber from Arizona barns.

Joe says it’s a blending of his Arizona roots with the culture of Austin that he gleaned in his nine years in the Texas capitol. The menu is All-American with a southern twist accented with Arizona flair.

It’s a family place for Joe. He says it’s more than a tribute to Johnny Cash. It symbolizes the love he has for his parents who went the distance to raise a family of seven.

Far From Folsom is located in Prescott, not far from the heart of Joe Lohmeier.

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