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Advice for AZ Homeowners: How to Avoid Costly AC Repairs & Breakdowns

By Melanie Pellowski

Really AC?  You decided to dump me now? Under this hot sun? That’s cold – and ironic!

The last thing any Arizona homeowner wants to hear, especially during the hottest months of the summer, is that their air conditioning has cold feet. Sweating the heat is one thing, but the cost too? That’s a double whammy.

Forging a lasting bond with an air conditioning unit that doesn’t break the bank (or its cool, smooth flow) is much like maintaining any other kind of healthy relationship.

Penguin Air

Here are the Top Five Ways to Avoid Costly A-C Repairs and Breakdowns.

1. Schedule Routine Maintenance

Everyone knows that cars require tune-ups, oil changes and some TLC in order to remain reliable. Your A-C unit is no different. Don’t be shy about scheduling a routine check-up before it’s too late.

“Lack of maintenance is the number one system killer,” Penguin Air and Plumbing marketing director Melissa Cisneros advised. “Clogged coils collect dust and debris outside, the indoor coil can become impacted by neglected filter changes, pet hair and dander, and organic growth. This is your system trying to run a marathon breathing through a straw.”

Trained technicians from Penguin Aircan get your unit in tip top shape by cleaning out dust and residue and identifying small problems before they become a bigger pain in your sweat glands.

2. Pay Attention to Warning Signs

Is your system cycling longer than normal? That means it’s working a lot harder to cool down your home.

Air conditioning units are like spouses in that they require a proper blend of full blown attention and verifiable space. Being a good listener is part of the job! If your unit is spitting out odd noises – don’t give it the old selective hearing excuse.

Hear it loud and clear and call a Penguin Air technician for help pronto.

3. Keep That Sucker Clean

Change the filters at least once a month during the heat of the summer haze, and be sure to clean up after dust storms. Dust can forge its way into your outdoor unit’s coils and can also be sucked into the air flow. Yuck! Seeking more protection? Penguin Air could install a hospital grade air cleaner into your home.

“Flu viruses, pet dander, airborne particulates, odors, all get eliminated with this product installed into your Central HVAC System,” Cisneros said.

Penguin Air

4. Indoor Living

Keep an eye on your thermostat – make sure there is power running to it and check the batteries often. If you’re out and about often – think about getting a wi-fi learning thermostat. You can save money on energy bills by monitoring your home’s condition from anywhere!

“If there is an issue and you’re not home,” Cisneros said, “Wouldn’t you want to know?”

5. Outdoor Space

Your outdoor unit requires air flow to work properly. Let the big guy breathe by keeping shrubs, plants and landscaping a few feet away from the unit. It’s also important to make sure that animals aren’t nesting nearby or inside the unit. Keep your condensation lines locked with safety caps and make sure your line sets coming from out the wall into the condenser are properly insulated with foam covering.

If you are smart, attentive and aware, with the help of Penguin Air, your relationship with your air conditioning unit will have its own happily ever after. In Arizona, for A-C units, that’s about 10-15 years – which equates to a lot of cool summers!