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Breakthrough Waterproof Flooring Helps Protect Your Home

Install Worry Free in Bathroom, Laundry Room, Kitchen and the Entire House

Ken Tran, founder and CEO of AAA Hardwood Floors talks about a new wood flooring product that is waterproof. He begins his demonstration by showing a piece of wood flooring he has been soaking in water for two hours.

When he removes the plank it has stayed intact and is not damaged by the water. He pours water from the container directly to the flooring on the floor and shows it is waterproof. When the flooring has contact with water it will not warp, damage, or deform in any way. Tran notes surface water can be quickly picked up with a rag. He says this waterproof flooring can be installed in bathrooms, laundry room, kitchens and the entire house without worry.