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A Special Guest and Paying Tribute in the 757

Episode 216 : Sponsored

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We have another episode full of feel goods and fun for you today! Starting with a guest appearance, to tips on keeping you safe in this uncertain time and a couple of tributes across Hampton Roads, we brought all the positive vibes to get you through your next week in Quarantine!

Our first SURPRISE guest arrived early to make his world and television debut. Join us in welcoming Baby Adrian to the Living 757 Crew!

We are pleased to report that mommy, daddy and baby are all in great health and home safe. Ashley stopped by the show to tell us her birth story, as well as to comfort other mommies-to-be while speaking to her experience of having a baby during a pandemic.

Our next guest stops by to talk about the many ways she and her family are staying connected during COVID-19. While Andrea is here in Virginia Beach, her daughter and grandson are in Italy! Andrea gives us some pointers on the many apps and resources available to feel close to the ones you love when travel is not an option.

We then welcome Sarah, who dropped in to talk about Cox’s efforts in supporting our community with their Connect 2 Compete program! Connect 2 Compete is Cox’s low cost internet option for low income families with children in grades K-12, to provide them with internet needed to succeed in today’s society. For more information check out www.cox.com/c2c today!

Then T.Cooke is here to discuss his documentary that highlights his life in the 757. We talk about his influences, his upbringing and his passion for music. Be sure to stay tuned to catch his music video for his song 7 Cities at the end of today’s show!

Now we know that money may be tight with millions of Americans currently out of work. Also, let’s be honest, most of us don’t want to be in the crowded grocery stores any more than we have to be. So naturally, food options may be slim. Well, Karen with Cooking from the Heart is here to show you how you can make a meal for under $3, using ingredients you probably already have at home!

While we are all stuck in our homes for the unforeseeable future, we invited Kendall from AC Masters to stop by and discuss the importance of indoor air quality! Kendall gave us some pointers on what to look for and how to manage the air quality in your home. Are you doing all you can to provide the highest quality of air for you and your loved ones?

While this pandemic has brought many hardships to our world, one of the most difficult challenges has been losing the ability to mourn our passing loved ones with a traditional funeral. However, when Cox UHT Christopher Martin passed away on March 30th, his coworkers took to the streets to honor his memory and visit his family with a drive by processional. Grab your tissues as you watch this this story!

Returning to the show, we now share with you T.Cooke’s music video for his original song dedicated to Hampton Roads, 7 Cities! Check it out!

As we bring this show to a close, remember to send us your pics and videos of you living the Quarantine life to Share@Living757.com. You could be featured on Living 757! We will return next week with a new lineup of guests and good news, so stay safe and STAY HOME! We will see you soon!