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Simply Southern New England gets you Out & About riding the rails with Rail Explorers.  Take a ride along the Old Colony Railroad, built in 1862 on a steal rail bike. The rails run alongside the Narragansett Bay offering riders unique views during your adventure.

Steel Rail Bikes

00:09 – Mary Jo Lu

Rail explores is an eco tourism company that have developed a beautiful steel rail bike that goes on the railroad tracks. Back in 2012, we were living in Brooklyn doing the whole sort of Brooklyn life, and my escape was Korean dramas.  One night, I was watching my drama, and it had this couple, and they were riding off into the sunset on this contraption that I had no idea what it was, but on the rails and no pedaling. I raced upstairs said to my husband, I found what we’re doing for the rest of our lives,  and he’s like, fabulous, let’s do it.

Narragansett Bay

00:50 It took about three years from that moment until our first division was open in the Adirondacks in Rhode Island, our division is on Aquidneck Island, and you’re in Portsmouth and you’re going along the Narragansett Bay, which is really beautiful. And you get to see the water, you get to see some wildlife, you get to see a lot of the local habitats, what’s beautiful. You rode on what we call the southern circuit, it’s a six mile round trip and stopped at a beautiful picnic area that’s right on the Narragansett Bay, that used to be part of the Old Colony railroad, which was built in 1864. So these tracks, you know, like 160 years old, you’ve got open space all around you, you know, there’s no windows or doors holding you in and you’re so low to the ground, that you can feel the history you feel the nature and the atmosphere all around you. It’s really quite beautiful.

Northern Ramble

1:42 We also have the northern ramble, which goes six miles north from where we are now. And then in the afternoons and evenings we have specialty tours. I mean, we’re really passionate in all locations, no matter if they’re hilly or flat, to make them accessible for all ages and all abilities. So we go to great trouble to do that. We get a lot of multi- generational families that visit and often grandparents, grandkids are together.

Private Parties & Picnics

2:08 I would say it’s fabulous for private parties birthdays, bachelorettes, any any occasion you can bring your own picnics, bring your own food, bring your own drinks. So I would encourage anyone who has friends or family that wants to create new memories to come and visit one of our rail explorer locations.

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