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Mission Electric Bikes specializes in the sales, and service of high end electric bikes.

E-bikes let you pedal as much as you want to, but give you the support you need when traveling up steep hills, commuting long distances, or hauling heavy cargo. E-bikes are an affordable, sustainable car alternative, and so much fun to ride.

Simply Southern New England took a ride to the shop and caught up with the owner Tyler Justin.

Watch the video above, or read the transcription below. (Slightly edited for clarity)

Tyler Justin – Mission Electric   0:02

Mission Electric specializes in sales and service of high-end electric bikes. All of the bikes that we sell here are what are called pedal assist bikes,  so we don’t sell any bikes with throttles.  You can’t just sit and ride with our bikes, you do have to actively pedal, but they amplify your input and make it a lot easier to ride.

Bike Types

TJ –  00:24

A lot of the bikes that we’re selling here are focused on like either commuter, cargo, or families.

Specifically, these are really bikes that are intended to be replacing cars and car trips, and they bring a little bit more utility to the game than a traditional bike might.

A lot of these bikes are designed around like urban living compact designs that are, you know, small in their footprint, but pack a big punch with what they’re able to actually carry and do.


TJ – 00:49

I personally do all of the final assembly on all of the bikes, check every bike that goes out the door, and usually test ride personally every single bike that goes out the door, because I really want to make sure that we’re handing off something that again is going to be like ease of use and really inspire this person to want to ride more.

Literally no one has ever come back from a test ride and said, Oh, that wasn’t really as cool as I thought it was gonna be like literally, it never happened,  and I don’t know, it’s just so fun to have products that just like, it’s all joy and positivity basically,  so it’s really fun for me to sell like that.


TJ – 1:22

Also, it’s about inspiring my son, you know, I grew up in a very, we all did,  in a car centric culture.  I talk to more and more kids around the neighborhood and stuff, they don’t really care about that anymore, and like the focus is really starting to shift and I think that’s a really important shift to see.

I loved bikes since I was riding a two-wheeler at like two.  There’s something about it,  just to feel so free and I was grinning on my way riding in over here, you know, it’s just like, it’s beautiful day and I’m cruising around, and Providence is beautiful right now and like the way that you get to interact with the city is on a totally different level.

I’m really excited about it, and I just think that the more people experience it and actually try it for themselves. You know the thing’s got legs for sure.

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