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Early Detection is Key During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Sponsored by Riverside Health System

Kate Angster works at Riverside Family Medicine and Pediatrics in Brentwood. She is a breast cancer survivor. Her mother is also a breast cancer survivor, so Kate knew how important regular checks are. 

Joy Elliott is a DO of Family Medicine at Riverside, and she was also Kate’s colleague before she graduated and was asked to be Kate’s Primary Care Doctor. 

Joy explains that although breast cancer is a hereditary cancer, it can also appear without any hereditary disposition at all. Most breast cancers are not genetic. That means that even women who are only at an average risk, still need to have screenings done! 

Kate decided on a lumpectomy procedure, and then chemotherapy. For breast cancer that requires mastectomy, the reconstructive options afterwords are endless. 

Kate says that everyone at Riverside was wonderful throughout the process. They knew her by name and always got back to her quickly! 

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