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The Latino Community Gets Involved

Patricia and Quincy welcome special guest, Beatriz Amberman, Chair, Virginia Coalition of Latino Organizations, and Vice Chair, Virginia Latino Leaders Council to discuss how the Virginia Coalition of Latino Organization affects the laws that are passed to benefit the Latino community.

The Virginia Coalition of Latino Organizations (VACOLAO) invites people from all over Virginia to join them as they visit the legislators. 


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Every year decisions about laws are made, and the VACOLAO helps educate people on the laws and how they are changing and what the impact on the Latino community will be.

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The Virginia Latino Leaders Council (VLCC) is an organization of Latino leaders that push for involvement in the political system.  The VLCC encourages the community to participate in civic matters including voting for candidates who will received endorsement from the Latino community.

Some of the key issues Amberman is focused on include trying to enhance communication between all communities, encouraging Latino youth to be proud of their heritage and erasing fear-based Latino stereotypes.

Beatriz welcomes anyone who wants to become involved in having an impact on the Latino community to contact VACOLAO and get engaged with them.

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