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Quincy Races for the Food Bank with Bud’s

Sponsored by Bud's Plumbing, Heating. Air Conditioning and Electric

Quincy joins Bud’s Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning and Electric at Kroger in Hampton- but he isn’t quite sure what he is doing there!  

Stephanie Byrd from Bud’s explains to Q that they are there for the Mayflower Marathon– which is a food drive every year around Thanksgiving time, to raise money and awareness for food insecurity for the Virginia Peninsula Food Bank!

People can donate food, or money to help with the cause. For every dollar donated, that is five meals!

Quincy gets to do a supermarket sweep and collect as much food as possible- to fill a cart with food that will be donated by Bud’s to the Mayflower Marathon!

Competing against Quincy is a team led by his old foe: NASCAR driver Howie DiSavino III. Stephanie is fair though, and provides help for Quincy- Pierce Nelson! 

The race starts and Q and Pierce make great time! Although Stephanie and Howie are fast, it seems like the race is neck and neck! 

When the race is over, the Virginia Peninsula Food Bank is declared the winner! 


The Mayflower Marathon takes place at Kroger between November 19th-21st. Make sure you visit your local Kroger and make a donation. 

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