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Life After the Final Rose: The Bachelor’s Susie and Clayton

The second half of our interview with Susie and Clayton from season 28 of The Bachelor:

The most recent season of The Bachelor ended in a whirlwind finale. Viewers were kept on the edge of their seat as it seemed that Clayton might end up single and alone! To everyone’s surprise and pleasure- Susie reached out after filming was over and the two rekindled their relationship. 

The Bachelor
Living 757 with Susie and Clayton

Clayton moved to Virginia so the two could pursue their relationship! We couldn’t be any happier for them.


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Ashley got to sit down with the couple at The Sweet Spot to ask all of the important questions: What would they say to anyone who doesn’t think what happens on The Bachelor isn’t real? How did the two end up back together? Did they sneak around before the finale? (And if so- who wore a disguise?) Who asked who out? Are babies in their future? Do we hear wedding bells?

The Bachelor

Watch both parts of the interview about The Bachelor above, to find out all of that and more!

The Bachelor

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