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Laugh Your Cares Away with comedian Skeeta G

We had a great time on the show chatting and playing games with Skeeta G ! We couldn’t let him leave without getting to know him better, so we asked a few questions.  Luckily, he answered.

How long have you been working as a comic?

I’ve been doing comedy 11 years. Nov 12, 2009 was my first comedy show.

What made you decide that this was the perfect career for you?

First time hitting the stage was a deal breaker.  The reaction from the crowd made me fall in love with comedy. I was class clown in school so making  people laugh was second nature.

How important do you think comedy is to people now, during the pandemic?

Comedy has been very important during the pandemic because a lot people are depressed and need something to lift their spirts.  Comedy is something people love when they’re sad.

What is one of the best experiences you’ve had as a comic?

The best experiences I’ve had since doing comedy have been meeting comedians I grow up watching on tv.

What do you draw on for comedic inspiration?

My comedy comes from life experiences and current events.  Basically I take a subject and go off my head.  I don’t write material for my jokes -it’s all natural.

What is your biggest goal as a comic?

My biggest goal as comic is to one day be listed as one greatest comedians in the world and always own my own Comedy Club.

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You have a wonderful little girl that you are raising as a single dad, how do you balance being a comic with being a single parent?

Being a single parent and doing comedy was hard at first but once I got a routine everything came in play. I also have strong family support system who help out a lot  and I am able to take my daughter to shows .

What do you hope to inspire in your daughter so she will grow into a strong woman?

I hope inspire ambition and the mindset that she can do whatever she puts her mind to,  and to never give up on her dreams. I also inspire her to live, laugh and love.

Whom do you hope to impact with your comedy?

The whole world 🌏

For More Information:

Instragram: skeetag23 

Facebook: skeeta.g

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