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Getting to Know Team Fat Kid

Team Fat Kid is a group of chefs who started taking pictures of their food, until it got way out of hand.

What does your business/organization do?

We are a Food Truck that specializes in meats, in particular Bacon. We will be starting in the Virginia Beach area soon and expanding into the 757.

What sets your company/organization apart from others?

Although we are a new food truck we have been featured on “The Great Food Truck Race” season 12 on the Food network.

The owners and creators of the truck have all been in restaurants for many years and decided we wanted to create a menu for those who love a cheat day.

Where are you located?

As we are a mobile food truck we tend to move around, but keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram for updates on where to find us and what our schedule may be.

Can you share a brief history of your company/organization with us?

Team Fat Kid started as a group of chefs that got together on the weekends and created fun dishes.

We had maybe 6-8 people on any given day and we would smoke meats and hang out by the fire outside. After about 2 years we had grown to more elaborate and innovative creations at which point a friend said we should put this online, and so Team Fat Kid began as an online company.

Since then we have grown to having an online channel with videos and podcasts, we opened a storefront selling knives and clothes, and now we are most excited to open our most recent and long-awaited expansion our food truck.

How did you get into this business?

We all started in restaurants at a fairly young age, some younger than others. We all grew a passion for the field and regardless of our other skills we found a home and a life in the food and beverage industry. We have all worked in the industry for more than 10 years now.

What do you love most about what you do?

Short answer, the people. We love to interact with someone and see their face light up when trying our food. It is one of the best feelings you can get as a chef. We are not the type to always be in one spot and with our truck we have the opportunity to move around and bring our food to a whole new group of people that haven’t had the chance to try it.

Can you share the funniest/craziest/most surprising story or experience you’ve had while doing what you do?

How “Dammit Dooley” got his name. Not sure if you can air this.

So when Jason and Dooley were working together in a kitchen a few years ago on a Saturday night, a busy night. A calm and cool night with a concert now far away, the staff is awaiting the rush with full fridges and stations stocked. Servers are tense, Cooks are pacing, a ticket. And so it begins, the dinner rush of the next two hours has kicked off. Another ticket, slowly the ticket rail is full of 6 inch papers dangling desperately awaiting to be sold.

On almost every ticket there is a side, a side of fries. A common occurrence on busy nights. You never want to be waiting on fries to sell a ticket.

So the expo (Jason) calls to the main fry guy (Dooley) to make sure that there is always a basket of fries working so that they don’t run out. 20 minutes go by with no issues, a smooth run.

Deceptive as it slowly builds to a head and reaches a point of an empty fry bowl. “How Long on Fries” the cry rings out. “2 minutes” the answer comes as a bag of fries is dropped into the basket and lowered into the hot grease of the fryer. A pause, silence, even the fires of the sauté burners seemed to quell and quiet as if waiting for what was to come. . .

“Dammit Dooley”, “You had one job”

And so the legend of Dammit Dooley begins. Never wait on fries, especially on a concert night.

What are you most known for?

We have a few noteworthy things in our repertoire but we think the two best are our “Meat Cake” and our signature burger the 40/30/30. The meat cake was a 32 lb cake consisting of 3 layers wrapped in bacon. Layer 1 was brisket smoked for 21 hours, layer 2 was a pulled pork butt smoked for 18 hours and the third was a burger stuffed with jalapeños and white cheddar cheese.

Amazing. It is still the picture of the Team Fat Kid Facebook, not the Team Fat Kid Food Truck Page.

Most recently we have been very proud of our burger the 40/30/30. It is named such because it is made of 40% chuck, 30% bacon and 30% Ribeye. An item that can be found on the truck that shouldn’t be missed.