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Explore the Heavens in a Hot Air Balloon

Whether it’s in an airplane, a helicopter or even a hang-glider, people have always been drawn to flight.   The thought of soaring through the air or floating peacefully on a breeze is so inviting -not to mention thrilling.

While, unfortunately, we will never be able to fly like birds, we can get close.

How -you ask? You can float through the air in a beautiful hot air balloon.


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Coastal Balloons LLC is ready to give you the experience of a life-time.  Their expert aeronauts (aka balloon pilots) are available to lift you into the skies for a beautiful and peaceful adventure.

Do you want to give you family a memorable day out?  Are you celebrating a special birthday?  Maybe you’re ready to “pop” the big question and want to make it incredibly special.

Whatever the occasion may be, Coastal Balloons can Literally raise it to the next level and beyond.

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While their primary launch site is in Smithfield, VA, they do offer other locations in SE Virginia and North Carolina.

So, if you are looking to celebrate a special day,  host a corporate event that will leave tongues wagging, or just want to experience the freedom of flight,  check out Coastal Balloons -you’ll be so glad you did.

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Instagram: #coastalballoonsllc

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