Buckle up

As the holidays near, it is more important than ever to reiterate that seatbelts save lives! 

John Saunders is the Director of the DMV’s Virginia Highway Safety Office and he explains to us that wearing your seatbelt is the single most effective thing you can do to protect yourself in the event of a crash! Even if the driver is doing everything right, crashes can still happen- so the seatbelt is the number one defensive measure that drivers and passengers can both do to save their lives. 

John says that front seat passengers who wear their seatbelts, reduce their risk of dying in a crash by 45%. Rear seat passengers can reduce their risk of death by up to 60% by wearing their seatbelts!!

Everyone in the car should be wearing their seatbelts every single time we get in the car. Drivers can help ensure safety of passengers by requiring seatbelts before putting the car in drive. 



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Mr. Saunders says that sometimes insurance companies won’t even cover an accident if the vehicles occupants weren’t utilizing their seatbelts. 

Make sure that you buckle up for safety, each time and every time you hit the road! 

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