Hey there Hampton Roads!

Did you have a great week? We sure did! The cold weather is upon us and we are Living It Up! Ashley, Quincy and Patricia share their weekend festivities with us, and Ashley has a very special announcement about Baby Fish! Don’t forget to share your pictures with us of how you are enjoying the 757’s cold season at Share@Living757.com.

With the weather cooling down, Quincy heats things up with Kimberly Deane, owner of The Rustic Tart! Kimberly teaches Quincy how to make the perfect apple pie for your friends and family this holiday season. Apparently, the secret is in the crust!

Now we may have started with our dessert, but I bet you are still hungry for more! If so, check out Leone’s, a fantastic Italian restaurant within the RZ Restaurant group. Not only is the food here delicious, but so are their wine tastings and various seating options! Come for the food and enjoy a spectacular view of Granby Street from their rooftop dining area.

We all know that at the core of Hampton Roads is our military! Our next guests are on a mission to assist our Veterans and their spouses in adjusting to life as civilians. Bradley Morris works with our service members to find new careers after the military. Ashley and Quincy are put to the test as we quiz their knowledge with the unemployment rate of retired military, and the results may surprise you…

If you are a football fan, then I am sure you have heard of our next guest. Ashley interviews Adrian Peterson of the Washington Redskins! Watch the interview to see how it felt for Adrian to move up in the ranks of All-Time Rushing Yards record, as well as why our military holds a place dear to his heart.

We then are visited by a local group of extremely talented individuals who enjoy getting physical with a mix of yoga and acrobatics. This beautiful feat is called AcroYoga, and we put Quincy to the test to see how flexible he can get! (Here’s a hint… It wasn’t much!)

Our final guest is notorious across Hampton Roads for his beautiful voice and piano skills. I am of course referring to Chris Keys! Enjoy Chris’s original song, White Dress, as we send you off into your week with this soothing jam.

Until next week, stay warm and stay dry!