From Our Homes to Yours!

Episode 213

Welcome to our FIRST episode of 

from Quarantine! 


Though these circumstances are obviously not ideal, we understand and appreciate the necessity for social distancing and adapting. As a result, we are coming to you live, from the comfort of our own homes, to keep you updated on what is happening around Hampton Roads!

We start off this episode by sharing some of the good that has come from the Coronavirus, such as people coming together! Shout outs to the celebrities using their pull to gather resources for their communities, the now work-at-home parents trying to maintain their sanity while getting the job done and to the corporations around the world also donating and producing materials to aid in the cause!

Our hosts then show us how they have been Living it Up in the 757 through Quarantine! It’s easy to see that they are making the most of these times.

Our ladies then take us to a few of the RZ Restaurants, demonstrating how they are keeping you fed with their curbside pick-up! Check them out, making the most of this situation with their amazing meals to-go! Is your tummy rumbling?!

Up next is Kelsey of the United Way of South Hampton Roads. Kelsey tells us about the hotline for people seeking assistance from the Coronavirus. If you need any sort of non medical support, please call (757) 858-7777. They will conduct a needs assessment to determine how you can gain help.

Throughout the course of this pandemic, Cox has been doing their part to uplift their communities in an effort to offer relief wherever possible. One way that they have contributed is when their Public Affairs team surprised the Food Banks of Hampton Roads with a $50,000 combined donation to 5 of Virginia’s Food Banks!

Now we get a bit competitive (as we tend to do) with a good old fashioned Supermarket Sweep at the Hampton Peninsula Kroger! Our hosts took part in the celebration of Commissioners in Cans, a food drive to bring in food and donations to the local Food Bank! Tune in to see if Team Quincy or Team Patricia took the win in this one…

Now, let’s reflect on the efforts being made by people around the world in attempting to keep our spirits lifted! We discuss how people are using their creativity to entertain and educate one another, as well as to show appreciation during these trying times. Take a moment to smile with us!

While it may be time for us to depart, we couldn’t leave you without a virtual performance by Derrick Moore of Strange Rootz!

Per usual, send us your pics and videos of you Living the Quarantine Life to and you could be on the show!

That’s it for today folks, but fear not! We shall return next with with another virtual voyage for you all! Until then..

S T A Y  H O M E ,  S T A Y  S A F E  &

W A S H  Y O U R  H A N D S !