An Achievable Dream Academy in Newport News has a Hometown Hero of its own. Staff Security Officer Anthony Brickhouse is a staple to the community and to this school as he ensures the safety of all of its students. He helps create an environment where each and every child can blossom and go above and beyond.

Mr. Brickhouse has been with the school for 32 wonderful years. He has created long lasting relationships with faculty, students, and the community. It is his job to set the pace for the environment of this school. When greeting students each morning they are welcomed with a handshake and eye contact, giving each of them a chance to be heard. Mr. Brickhouse is in charge of securing wherever the children are present from the hallways to the cafeteria. He is truly a valued member of this school.

An Achievable Dream Academy is a partnership between Achievable Dream Incorporated, Newport News Public Schools, the City of Newport News, and local business communities, that focuses on the social and morale component of education. They strive for creating a quality education in a nurturing environment.

“It is our mission to provide a unique challenging disciplined academic environment for children in elementary grades through high school.


It is our mission to challenge and motivate all students to exceed their own expectations in academic achievement and social progress and to instill in all children respect for themselves, respect for their adult leaders and respect for core human values by providing all children with a social academic, and moral education.


It is our mission to enable each child with the support of his/her family, to attain a vision; to develop a personal, Achievable dream that will light the way for success and job in life as a productive citizen.”

An Achievable Dream Academy, Newport News Public Schools, 2019, Accessed 5 Apr. 2019.

This mission is not possible without people like Anthony Brickhouse. We thank him for everything he does for this community and its children!


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