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“World Lullaby” Connects Loved Ones Separated By The Coronavirus

At a time when the loneliness of social distancing and fear of rising Coronavirus numbers has everyone anxiously staring at their bedroom ceilings in disbelief and confusion, we can take comfort in the community spirit and heartfelt intention behind the song, “World Lullaby,” and perhaps get a decent night’s sleep.

Written by award-winning Italian composer, musician and songwriter Mauro Colangelo“World Lullaby” hopes to fill the void left by taboo hugs, handshakes and high-fives as the forced distance between family members, friends and colleagues grows difficult.

“There’s an undeniable power that music has in its nature, which is to convey emotion before your brain has the capacity to process it,” said Colangelo, who has over 25 years in the music business and spent a large portion of his career working and living in Providence.

Now quarantined with his wife and dog outside Genoa, Italy, Colangelo advises his friends and colleagues in the United States to take social distancing mandates seriously. Currently, Colangelo and others living in Santa Margherita Ligure, Italy are able to leave their homes to shop for essential items at the supermarket or pharmacy, but other than that – it’s a ghost town.

“It’s spreading like wildfire,” Colangelo said. “We are taking severe measures here because there’s no other way around it.”

Colangelo explained how only one member of the family is able to shop in the food market at once, and the market is limiting the amount of people in the store at one time. Whereas people were once able to run and exercise outside, they are now strictly advised to stay put in their homes.

If and when people do get out of the house, they may be stopped by law enforcement to verify the intentions of their trip. If there is no plausible reason to be out and about, they may be fined and/or develop a record of the incident.

“Trust me when I tell you … Stay home.” Colangelo said, “Don’t take it too lightly because that’s the mistake a lot of people made here.”

It might feel isolating, but staying home doesn’t have to mean shutting yourself out from the world. Rather, it can be an excuse to find creative ways to connect.

“While you’re staying home, you can do something for yourself or something for others,” Colangelo said.

Concetta – vocalist on “World Lullaby”

That was the driving motivation behind “World Lullaby.” The core version of the song features lyrics by Ben Albert, a Berklee School of Music alumnus, and vocals by Concetta, a five-octave, international singer based just outside of Boston.

With loved ones separated by the harsh circumstances of a global pandemic, the lyrics of “World Lullaby” may help hearts connect despite being at a distance:

And even though we are far away Our hearts grow closer every day And if I can’t kiss you goodnight I’ll send you my love in this lullaby

The instrumental adaptation of the song is available for free download in two different keys, and Colangelo is inviting artists from around the world to collaborate.

“It’s difficult to know what to feel right now,” he admitted. “I think music in this case can unite us and recognize some of the emotions we are all going experiencing.”

He encourages others to share their own version of “World Lullaby” as a means to connect, communicate and create. Musicians can contribute by developing a solo, in the section after the bridge, using any instrument. They can also reinterpret the piano part to create their own rendition. Videographers can use the music to conceive any visual representation of the work, while producers can reimagine the arrangement of the original version or any subsequent version posted.

“I hope people will take the song and send it to someone and say I wish I was there,” Colangelo said. “Listen to this because I am thinking of you in this moment.”

Colangelo has performed live alongside renowned recording artists and his other credits include producing music and sound for international advertising campaigns, film scores and international radio jingle packages. The Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra has played two of his compositions and he most recently created music and sound effects for a documentary on filmmaker Ken Burns.

Now, he is passionately spearheading The Lullaby Project in hopes that he can connect with musicians and artists around the globe, doing his individual part to remind all of us that we’re in this together.

If you’d like to participate in Colangelo’s Lullaby Project, you can begin by downloading the instrumental version of the song here. Then, sing your part or play your instrument along with the song and record it. Don’t forget to say your name and include your social media handles on the video. Send your files to: worldlullaby2020@gmail.com.

Share your version of the song anywhere you like and connect with The Lullaby Project on Instagram @worldlullaby, Twitter @lullaby2020 and facebook by searching “World Lullaby.” Subscribe to the World Lullaby YouTube channel to see your version of the video promoted there.

The Lullaby Project is an opportunity to spread love and joy through music while staying home and stopping the spread of COVID-19.