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Unforgettable Adventures For The Whole Family

Total Raptor Experience

Hands-on travel experiences are getting more and more popular – for good reason.  And if you’re fascinated by birds of prey, then we’ve found the ultimate adventure for you!  Total Raptor Experience is an unforgettable family activity – or, the perfect gift for the bird-lover in your life – getting up-close and personal with these magnificent birds, and so much more.

Howe Caverns

If you’re looking for a New York experience that is away from the mainstream – try venturing below ground to discover the mysterious beauty of Howe Caverns. Tours are offered year-round, since it is always 52-degrees in the caves.

 New Orleans Voodoo Museum

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the U.S. is New Orleans – for a multitude of reasons.  The city is synonymous with a perpetual party fueled by jazz, beignets, beads… and voodoo.  The Voodoo Museum explores a fascinating and mysterious side of New Orleans’ fabled history.

 San Diego Model Railroad Museum

There are few things that grab a child’s attention like a model train speeding past, and the miniature world where it lives.  If you’ve ever put a toy train around the Christmas tree, or tried to set up a model train layout in the garage, the San Diego Model Railroad Museum will inspire the whole family.

Travel Pro – Michelle Barth

Traveling and exploring new places makes life so much more exciting. But, if you don’t have a lot of extra cash, you just need a little more creativity.  Travel Pro Michelle Barth with Just Escape Travel is here to save the day – with some insight on ways you can stretch your budget to still get your travel fix.

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