Have you ever wondered if there was a local hot spot in Hampton Roads where you might run into a pro football player? Well thanks to Antoine Bethea of the New York Giants, who grew up in the 757, there is!

Join Karen and Barry as they visit District 41, a sports bar located in Newport News, and co-owned by Antoine Bethea and Robert Freeman, is the perfect, upscale spot for sports fans by day and socialites by night!

District 41 is a place for families and sports enthusiasts alike. Here you can find an impressive display of signed and framed sports items, featuring Hampton Roads’ most accomplished athletes. From track and field, to football, to boxing, District 41 represents all local athletes from every sport!

What sets District 41 apart from other sports bars in the area? Their mission to serve and give back to our community in the 757! They sponsor local youth football teams and events to bring an encouraging and uplifting atmosphere to children throughout Hampton Roads, among many other things.

Be sure to check out District 41 for a variety of food and drinks, sure to satisfy your taste buds!