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DIY – Crafts to Make This Halloween Better Than Ever

In this premiere episode of Creative Living, host Jane Monzures gives us some great ideas for Halloween. We’ll show you two great costume ideas, a craft the kids can get involved in, a Halloween charm bracelet, and we’ll give you some clever ways to use all of those Halloween leftovers. Plus, we’ll take a trip to Barnone and Sorso Wine Room.

Jane visits a crafters dream; Pinspiration to make a spider inspired Halloween Craft that the kids will love.

Jane shows us a quick and easy costume to make for the kids and your little pumpkin will love it.

Jane crashes another crafter’s space and this one has a Game of Thrones twist. Wait til you see the costume these crafters create.

We make a charm bracelet that is Halloween inspired at Pinspiration.

If you’ve ever wondered what to do with all of that leftover candy or old costumes, Jane has some clever ideas for you.

Sorso means sip in Italian and that’s the concept behind Sorso Wine Room. Their unique dispensing system allows you to try out a wine before you decide on a glass or a bottle. If wine isn’t your thing, they also have craft beers and you don’t want to miss!

Reduce, reuse, recycle! An old metal barn made from recycled airplanes, becomes a unique home to a variety of makers.

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