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Padres Popularity Shines During 2021 All-Star Game in Denver

Padres players were prominently featured team during all-star broadcast, and Daniel Camarena becomes second Padres pitcher & first MLB relief pitcher to hit a grand slam since 1985.

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If there was any question on which team is the southern California glamour team in Major League Baseball, all doubts were removed as the San Diego Padres’ players were heavily featured during the in-program marketing of the 2021 MLB All-Star Game played at Coors Field in Denver on July 13.

As the American League won its eighth game in a row, 5-2, the Padres were the most prominently featured team during the broadcast, from the popular ‘San Diego Swag Chain’ to superstar Fernando Tatis, Jr. being mic’d up during the broadcast and featured on commercials to three of the Padres all-stars being featured in a marketing promotional segment during the game.

During the game, Tatis, Jr. raised eyebrows with two long flyouts that were nearly home runs, and Manny Machado started a National League rally with a double in the sixth inning and later scored after Padre teammate Jake Cronewnworth walked. Padre relief pitcher Mark Melancon also made a brief appearance in the game. Tatis, Jr. became the first Padre position player to start a MLB All-Star Game since the late, great Tony Gwynn did so in 1998.

1998 was the last time the Padres went to the World Series, so the team hopes that history can repeat itself.

A Fabulous Finish to the First Half

Speaking of the ‘San Diego Swag Chain,’ Padres’ rookie relief pitcher Daniel Camarena set the stage for an incredible comeback during their July 8th game at home against the Washington Nationals with a grand slam off 2021 MLB All-Star starting pitcher and Cy Young Award winner Max Sherzer.

It cut an 8-0 deficit in half to 8-4, setting the stage for a 9-8 Padres’ victory that provided the team with momentum heading into the second half of the season.

A native of the San Diego metropolitan area, Camarena became only the second Padres pitcher to ever hit a grand slam, with the first taking place over 50 years ago. He became the first relief pitcher to hit a grand slam since 1985.

With a series of firsts that ended the first half of the season, the Padres hope that the season can end with a first…its first World Series championship.

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