Christmas Comes Early as Wayne Jones Signs with Kansas State

Wayne Jones, Owasso’s other amazing talent in the secondary, signed with Kansas State on Early Signing Day, bringing Christmas a little early to the Jones family.

Among the schools that made offers to Jones were Oklahoma State, Arkansas, Texas A&M, Michigan State and Illinois. But in the end it was all about family for Wayne Jones, a young man who’s coaches have called him not just one of the best players they’ve coached but one of the best people.

“There’s so much wisdom at that school,” said Jones after signing. “You’ve got young coaches, old coaches and that type of mixture, I just think it’s good. They’re a family based school and I’m a big family guy.”

Signing with a D1 school was something that Jones not only wanted for himself but for his family. “Christmas is coming up and I feel like this is the best gift I could have given them.”