Movers and Shakers Unlimited: Comic Book Convention Awesome Con

Comic books represent the modern myths and legends of our age.  Comic conventions allow fans to see superheroes, celebrities, wizards, all aspects of science fiction and more celebrated all in one place.  These events brings different groups of fans together and is becoming hugely popular across the country. On this special edition 3 part episode of “Movers & Shakers Unlimited” we highlight Comic Book Conventions: Awesome Con.  Awesome Con started in 2013 and is co-founded by Ben Penrod.

In the first segment, host Brandon Troy talks with the passionate people who attend Awesome Con to find out what makes it such a great event.  First year attendee Felicity Davis said she is enjoying the event, and she likes seeing all the different costumes.  Davis says it’s been hard to see everything because she keeps getting stopped to take pictures.

In the second segment, the focus in on those who make a living at these events – the Exhibitors.  Will Tucker of Atlantis Games and Comics loves seeing all the people and costumes.  He also likes that most people who attend Awesome Con are interested in the products he sells, and he sells a lot over the weekend.

The final segment features Co-Founder Ben Penrod.  He’s expanded Awesome Con from a small room in the lobby of the DC Convention Center to now taking over the entire space.  Over 50 thousand people attended this year’s event.  Penrod says he had no idea what he was getting into when he started but soon realized this is what he was meant to do.  He loves running the event, but the fact that it involves comic books, superheroes and celebrities is amazing. While managing other events such as Annapolis Comic Con and Southern Maryland Comic Con, Awesome Con is by far his biggest event.  He is excited to be bring such a big event to Washington DC.

The 2017 event is scheduled for June 16-18 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington DC.  For more information, visit the Awesome Con website.