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Celebrate Pride Month on YurView

During Pride Month, YurView will highlight diversity, inclusion, and the uplifting of voices of the LGBTQ+ community.

Pride Month is a celebration that honors the LGBTQ+ community’s diverse identities, achievements, and resilience.

During Pride month in June, YurView will showcase special programming to honor diversity, inclusion, and the uplifting of voices of the LGBTQ+ community.

Pride Month on YurView. LGBTQ community

Pride Month programming includes:

Pride Month on YurView, Elton John. LGBTQ communityElton John – Becoming Rocketman. A glimpse into his incredible journey and uncover the truth behind the turbulent and eccentric life of a superstar. Find out what it took for this shy young man to become ‘Rocketman’.

Pride Month on YurView, Lady Gaga. LGBTQ communityLady Gaga – Glory. While an outrageous fashion sense, elaborate videos, and spectacular stage sets are her norm, it’s the music of ‘Monster Mother’ Lady Gaga that has led to her explosive career full of fame and accolades.


 Pride Month on YurView, am I a boy or a girlAm I a Boy or a Girl? Am I a Boy or Girl is a series designed to record, share, and celebrate the personal stories of transgender women and men; stories of struggle, courage, and triumph. 


Pride Month on YurView, the upstaris lounge fireThe upstairs lounge fire. This documentary examines the tragedy of the upstairs lounge fire. There are interviews with an eyewitness, a son who lost his father, a rookie firefighter, author Johnny Townsend, and artist Skylar Fein.

How to watch

  • Cox Contour TV customers can watch Pride Month Special Programming on the YurView channel in your area. Or, to watch on the go, download the Cox Contour app on Apple and Android.
  • Stream free at watch.yurview.com or download the YurView app on Amazon Fire, Roku & Google Play to watch on your TV.

Celebrate Pride Month on YurView.