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Visit with Recruiting Expert John Talman from Rivals.com

John Talman on Over the Middle podcast
John Talman, Rivals.com

Jeremy visits with Rivals.com Publisher Network Director John Talman. Rivals.com is one of the most influential sports businesses in the last 20 years, and its coverage revolutionized the college football recruiting process.

Jeremy talks with Talman about what Rivals.com must do to stay ahead in today’s competitive landscape and how the premium content model is popular in sports journalism. Jeremy also breaks down the biggest high school games of the week, including Bishop Gorman and Centennial, a game that can be seen on Yurview Arizona and YurView.com.

8:00 Preparing for the future

9:15 Wanting to be right

11:08 Evolution of the evaluation

11:45 Dez Bryant

13:25 Tools of evaluation

14:30 Social media impact

16:50 The community of rivals.com

19:45 Message boards

25:30 The Rivals experience

27:08 The next phase

31:05 The premium sports model

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