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The Benefits of Taking Up Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga – It’s a great spin on Yoga that creates spinal decompression, relieves spinal pain, improves blood circulation and lifts your mood, all while hanging on a silk. It’s a class that anyone can take including someone who has never tried Yoga before.

If you’re a Yoga regular it complements your practice by offering assistance to certain yoga poses. Most of all Aerial Yoga is fun and healthy.

-Creates spinal decompression

-Relieves spinal pain

-Improves blood circulation

-Deepens stretches with minimal pressure on the joints

-Makes you laugh, lifts the mood and invites a playful state of being

-Complements your regular yoga practice by offering assistance to certain yoga poses

-The elevation of your body in the silk creates a lengthening of muscles unlike any other kind of exercise.

-Supports strength building and keeps the body strong, flexible and healthy

-Aerial Yoga offers supported and safe inversions which are incredibly healing. It can be a little scary…this helps you face some fears, encourages trust and allows you to let go!

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