Beautiful hiking trails don't just happen, and occasionally they need some work and that's how our Cox volunteers in Phoenix and Tucson celebrated Earth Day.
A college education isn't always on every student's radar, but that shouldn't be because they lack encouragement. College Bound is a program that's providing high school students with the support they need to turn a dream into a degree.
Doing More host, Erica Cardenas, heads to the desert to explore a trail welcoming hikers of all abilities, and we visit an elementary school to see how the Connect2Compete program is creating brighter futures.
In part 2 of how to use one recipe multiple ways to efficiently feed your family, this segment of Cooking from the Heart adds the sausage and meat sauce to a recipe for a non-traditional Moussaka. Sausage Bolognese Ingredients: 1 lb ground...
Jeff Belvill from Kai scissorsThink there's just one type of scissors? Well, think again. Jeff Belvill from Kai scissors explains the importance of using the right tool for the right job and how critical this process can be for...
Broadway San Diego announced the top 20 nominees for Best Actress and Best Actor, and the top 3 nominees for Best Musical Production for the 2018 Broadway San Diego Awards, sponsored by San Diego County Credit Union® taking place on...
Su Vida visits Regroup Coffee and Bicycles and talks with an entrepreneur who figured out a way to creatively combine his two passions - coffee and bicycles.
The pottery created by the pueblo of Mata Ortiz creates outstanding, handmade pots following centuries old methods.
Adelante Mami is a lifestyle movement, and it empowers Latina women to continue moving forward and follow their passion.  Adelante Mami can lend its services as a progressive partner to Latina women focused on their personal & professional growth.
On this segment of Su Vida, we get to know artist Luis Egurrola, aka Weezy. When it comes to talent, he is a double threat, a talented dancer and an up and coming musician.

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Arizona Spring Football Showcase

Recruiters Search For Future Stars at Arizona Spring Football Showcase

Red Mountain hatched the idea and hosted the first event. Desert Vista was next. And Saguaro soon followed. Multiple high school teams gathering at...

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