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Pancakes & Beer: the Breakfast of Champions

Sponsored by New Realm Brewing

You might find yourself asking the question: “what does beer have to do with breakfast?” Patrick Evans-Hylton with Virginia Eats and Drinks joins us on this episode of Living 757 from New Realm Brewing Company to walk us through it!

Jason Congleton, the executive chef at New Realm, joins Patrick to discuss “Breakfast Beers,” a ticketed and family friendly event that New Realm does once a month where they include beer in a lot of their dishes!

Breakfast Beers is a 3-course event, and each course is paired with a beer by their brewmaster. 

Jason shows us how to make the amazing beer pancakes, and tells us the secret to making the pancakes so fluffy! (PS- it’s the beer!!!)

Travis Rider joins the party to tell us about the beer that goes with the pancakes, and explains what makes Stouts different than other beers. 

Patrick tastes the beer and the pancakes, and makes the rest of us jealous! Make sure you check out New Realm Brewing Company’s website for information and tickets about the next Breakfast Beers event!

To watch this week’s entire episode of Living 757, click here! 

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