importance of sleepvideo

Sleeping on a Good Mattress is More Important Than You Think

Sierra Scott talks with Ryan Baty, Founder and CEO of The Mattress Hub, about the importance of being a homegrown company. They also talk about how sleep affects your overall well-being and how a good mattress is as important to your health as exercise and healthy eating.
Subaru of Wichitavideo

Subaru of Wichita Giving Back to the Community

Anthony Powell talks with Brandon Steven, owner of Subaru of Wichita and EddieEverything.com, about how active the employees at Subaru of Wichita are in the community. We also talk to 3 employees at Subaru of Wichita to see how they've given back to Wichita and see why they were one of only 10 dealerships in...