"We've been in the Richmond location for the last 25 years now and we're looking to expand Brew Pub all over the state......We selected Portsmouth because it's a great place to come. The city government has been great, they...
 JR and Vanessa visit the Sun City Farmer’s Market to show some love for local growers. We also pay a visit to the Sedona VegFest where attendees learn that plant based diets can be both, healthy and delicious!
The Sedona VegFest is a celebration of healthy living based on a plant based diet. Learn more on this segment of Su Vida.
We talk to the folks at the Uptown Farmers Market about their year-round market and all that it has to offer.
If you’re a backyard grower we’ve got a program that can help you get rid of your extra produce and make some money at the same time. We’ll tell you about the Community Exchange Table and how they help...
A Greek restaurant with "an Italian kick" and a menu so big it's well, crazy! Crazy Jim's Restaurant
We're talkin' 'the real deal tacos', you don't know tacos until you've had Yaquis Tacos.
Su Vida Especial visits one of the most popular Mexican bakeries in Phoenix which had a very humble beginning, La Purisima Bakery.
At Cerreta Candy Company you can find chocolate in just about any form, and it's all delicious! Ever wonder what 4500 pounds of chocolate looks like?
Top chefs compete to create the winning dessert using Girl Scout cookies. Tagalong Chocolate Ice Cream Cake? Yes!

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Big games, huge commitments and highlight plays are frequently occurring on the gridiron across the nation this year. Here's a look at 10 of the...

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