The Excitement and Fascination of STEM in Our Everyday Lives

STEM is something we should all be excited about! Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are not the scary or overwhelming disciplines only studied in school or practiced exclusively in elite careers. STEM is everywhere! It's not just for doctors and rocket scientists, but chefs and firefighters all need STEM. STEM is more than a catchy...
How to Create Your Own Stamping Room

How to Create Your Own Stamping Room

When Tammy Shaia, owner of Be Creative Stamping, moved to her new home, she had to cut out her perfect place to run her business. Her challenge: transform the room over the garage into an area with several cubbies for papers, tools, and decorative items, as well as create an inviting space to hold her...
Santa Barbara Symphony

Teaching through connections at the Santa Barbara Symphony

The Santa Barbara Symphony’s Music Education Center values the importance of teaching children through connections between themselves, great music and the world around them. The Music Education Center uses a sequential set of programs to take students from their first effort experimenting with an instrument like the Music Van through performing at a high level...

Create a truly smart home with Cox Gigablast

From robot pets to mobile doctors to voice-controlled lights, the home of the future runs on Gigablast. For people in Cox service areas, Gigablast has the potential to revolutionize the way they use the internet.  To find out if the service is available in your area, use this tool. And for more information about the Gig...
flamenco santa barbara

Flamenco Santa Barbara inspires the next generation of afficionados

Flamenco Santa Barbara was founded 10 years ago to inspire an appreciation of authentic Flamenco dance and music through instruction, performance, community partnerships, tuition assistance and wide-spread support of Santa Barbara's vibrant flamenco arts scene. It provides deserving students the opportunity to master and perform Flamenco dance while instilling a sense of community, self-discipline, culture...
kettle corn

How to make great Kettle Corn

Learn how to make fair food like Kettle Corn with Sam the Cooking Guy. Find more recipes here.

Halibut with white wine sauce makes an easy, elegant meal

Learn how to make a wonderful halibut meal dressed in wine sauce from Sam the Cooking Guy. Find more recipes here.
chili rubbed tri-tip

Tasty chili rubbed tri-tip

Check out how to make a tasty chili rubbed Tri-tip meal from Sam the Cooking Guy. This meal will make you want seconds.
mediterranean grilled cheese

Mediterranean Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Learn how to make a sensational Mediterranean grilled cheese sandwich from Sam the Cooking Guy. Food this good will make your taste buds go crazy. Find more recipes here.
pork loin burger

Savory Grilled Pork Loin Burger

For all the meat lovers out there, Sam the Cooking Guy teaches how to make a savory pork loin burger that will make your mouth water. Find more recipes here.